Group’s Companies

Karadeniz Technical Engineering Industry and Trade Inc.

The company was established by Halil GÖK in 1988 as a map, engineering and consultancy firm. The company, established with the main activity of map and construction, reinforces the infrastructure of all investment and engineering services in these sectors. Today, he continues to work in a wide geography both in Turkey and abroad in his cartography and photometry projects with his experience and technical knowledge. Inspection and regulation of land use, construction and implementation of development plans, expropriation and land registry, infrastructure and superstructures, construction, industrial structures, dams, railways, road projects and applications, environmental regulations, planning of technical infrastructure facilities in urban areas, arrangement of public housing areas The company produces maps and map information which are used as basic foundation in all cartography services with the activities such as power plants, selection of places of energy and transmission lines, planning of tourism and coasts, irrigation, water structures, drying and improvement works, soil and agricultural reform. Photogrammetric projects, triangulation and polygon points are measured by GPS, both aerial photographs and satellite images are used. In addition,. Geographic Information Systems rapor in our studies by increasing the use of modern techniques and data analysis will create a base for various branches, maps, reports, information and documents to produce and use.

JGRS Turbine Energy Machine Industry and Trade Co. Ltd.

R & D activities for geothermal energy, solar energy, wind power, hydroelectric energy systems are continuing and they are still working on turbine production at project stage. In addition, it provides feasibility, analysis and technical consultancy services on energy investments.

Gök Energy Electricity Generation Inc.

GOK Regulator and HEPP Project of our company was designed in 2006 at Karagecit location in Village of Bogazpinar, District of Tarsus, City of Mersin and the construction was commenced in 2008 and completed on 06.08.2010 and preliminary acceptance was made and it was put into service. The plant at the power of 10.3 MW generates 40.000.000 kwh energy per year.
1 electrical engineer, 1 mechanical engineer, 4 electrical technicians, 4 mechanical technicians, 3 foremen and 2 security officers i.e. 15 personnel in total are employed in our plant.

KTM Water Wind Solar Energy Limited Company

The company continues its R & D studies on geothermal and hydroelectric power management in Denizli, Niğde and Tarsus regions. Drilling works for locating geothermal resources in Sarayköy district of Denizli are continuing.
The company is aware that there are underground and natural conditions required for energy investments in our country and that it is a social responsibility issue to contribute to the institutions and organizations that will invest in this field.

Our facility, which is located in Tekke Village, Saraykoy District, Denizli City has the capacity of 28 rooms and 60 beds. There is a physical therapy and rehabilitation specialist in our facility. Open buffet breakfast that is totally prepared in village style and the means for different meals, hot and cold swimming pools, SPA and Health Center.

KTM Thermal Tourism Energy Industry and Trade Inc.

KTM Thermal Tourism was established in 2009 in order to provide energy investors with consultancy, installation, maintenance, fault and equipment supply. It aims to increase the energy production capacity of our country and to have a share in eliminating the dependence on external energy.

Çamlıyayla Energy Electricity Generation Inc.

The company was established in 2010. AKHAN I&II Regulator and HEPP Project at Karagecit location in the district of Camliyayla in the city of Mersin is under construction. Power plant’s installed capacity is 47 Mw and it will produce 150,000,000 Kwh energy per year. Camliyayla continues to carry out projects in order to keep the environmental consciousness in the forefront by continuously increasing the value it adds to its target audience and by closely following the technological developments in the sector and by producing electricity continuously.

Group’s Companies

Group’s Companies

Group’s Companies