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Aim of KTM Group Human Resource organization is to prepare and develop the necessary workforce infrastructure in order to realize the objectives and targets of the firm by making use of the human resources in the best possible way in line with firm’s vision; and to establish a learning and creative organization by using contemporary management techniques.

KTM Group’s Human Resources Policy has been established in order to create a personnel profile consisting of highly qualified and highly motivated workers who contribute to the increase of intellectual capital for the protection of competitive power, who have developed social competence and who create added value; to manage, conduct and develop human resources correctly.

Human Resources Policy

KTM Group shapes its future with the high esteem it holds for the human being, with the employment it created and the investments it made.

Our Human Resources applications are based on company mission, vision and general policies . Main HR policies are stated below :
• To be a learning organization
• To establish staff consciousness of quality, environment and job safety.
• To provide the staff contribution to the development of the company based on the stated objectives.

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• Electrical Engineer
• Industrial Engineer
• Civil Engineer
• Mechanical Engineer
• Electronical Engineer
• Architect
• Urban and Regional Planner
• Surveying Technician
• Electrical Technician
• Mechanical Technician
• Agriculture Technician
• Coordinator
• Economist
• Accountant

Human Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources